Why have your Family Christmas Photography in October??

Christmas is in the air – already!

The shops are stocking their Christmas supplies, and the deals are flooding into your inbox, and the Christmas party invites are on their way. I’m jumping onboard too, because it’s time to start planning your family Christmas photography!


“But it’s only October,” I hear you say. “Christmas is months away!”. Trust me when I say, now is the time. If you’re wanting to gift photos from a session to your loved ones, or you are planning to send out a Christmas card, you’ll want to get cracking as we enter October. 


Why, you ask? The leadup to Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year. This not only applies to us photographers, but also to our printers, framers and album creators. Allowing for up to six weeks for your products to be made is a must; that makes October the best time to start! The latest I can guarantee your order in time for Christmas is the end of October. So it must be time to break out those Christmas outfits, lock in a date, and start getting festive!


A little heads up to those of you who read my blog –

I’ll be offering two very limited, extra special, one-time only family Christmas photography mini session days on the 24th of October and the 7th of November! These sessions will be 20 minutes long and will take place in my studio. Bring your family (up to 5 people per session) and pick from two backgrounds, and away we go! The session fee is $50 and covers the session as well as a $50 credit towards any of my special mini session packages. Packages start at $295 for a 3 image collection. So if you’re keen, get in quick before I launch them on social media next week. Follow the link to book your session now! 


And while you’re here, get your daily dose of cuteness below with these pics of TJ – because who doesn’t love a Christmas newborn!

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