A Boomrock wedding With Charlene and Tony

Every now and then, I get the opportunity to shoot a wedding that makes me ‘squweeee!’ in excitement. Charlene and Tony’s Boomrock wedding was one of those days!


Charlene is a local Wellingtonian, and Tony is from Europe. These two lovebirds met while Charlete was on her OE, and they’ve since settled over in Australia. But, like so many Wellington born and bred folk, Charlene had always dreamed of tying the knot in Wellington.


Being able to get ready in her childhood home, and having her family around her, was key. Tony’s family were more than happy to have a reason to visit New Zealand too.  So, Charlene and Tony’s dreamy wedding took place in a favourite Wellington wedding venue.


This wonderful couple wanted to showcase the very best of New Zealand’s landscape –

So they chose the incredible, jaw-droppingly beautiful and classically Wellington venue Boomrock. (By classically Wellington, we definitely mean windswept, rugged and surrounded by hills for miles!). Situated on the very edge of Wellington’s west coast, Boomrock looks out to sweeping views of the wild ocean, including Mana Island, and even Kapiti Island on a good day! The top of the South Island even peeks into view.


A Boomrock wedding is always something special – and with such an amazing group of people to capture celebrating with Charlene, Tony and their cheeky daughter, this wedding was even more so.


Boomrock Lodge is renowned for its amazing sunsets, but words can barely describe the phenomenal backdrop that the sunset brought to Charlene and Tony’s special day. I love when a couple just trusts and indulges my photo plans. And these two slipped away from their reception, jumped into my car, and we navigated to fields of waist-high grass to make the most of the perfect golden light. Safe to say, it was worth it – and these two returned to their reception to party the night away at their wedding reception!


Scroll down to check out some pics of their amazing day (and click here to find out more about having me capture your wedding day!).


Bride having her make-up done before a round mirror with porirua harbor in the background bride looking at her wedding dress in the mirror with her bridesmaids groom and grooms men walking on the jetty by wellington harbor bride getting out of her wedding car and the entrance to boomrock lodge groom wiping away a tear during a wedding reception with two groomsmen int he background black and white image of a bride and groom sharing a kiss after walking down the isle togeather group photo of a bride and groom with all their wedding guests with the ocean in the background bride leading her groom along a cliff edge path at boomrock lodge with the ocean and mana island in the background bride and groom enbracing with golden grass int he background and the boomrock sign next to them bride and groom entering thier weddign reception at boomrock lodge with all thier guests chearing in black and white bride and groom in pink and purple sunset light in a field of golden grass and both kapiti and mana islands int eh background bride and groom walking though long golden grass at sunset with mana and kapiti islands in the background

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