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Having a wedding with no bridal party

Photograph of bride and groom holding hadns walking on a rocky beach with water behind them using for a blog about not having a bridal party

Have you ever though about having no bridal party at your wedding?

Sometimes, you just have too many people you love and adore, and you can’t narrow it down to a bridal party. You just want them all there – all twenty-five of them – to get ready with you, celebrate with you, cheer you on as you marry the love of your life, and to dance the night away with. 

Here’s the thing – you don’t have to have a bridal party, having no bridal party is an option. Traditionally, the bridal party will have a group on each side of 1-8 people. However that is by no means wedding law. Legally, you need two witnesses to make the marriage binding, but otherwise, you have complete and utter control. 

 First of all:
No bridal party = no wedding drama. No narrowing it down to your favourite people. No awkward moments. No favouritism. Just love. Share your day with all your loved ones, and at the same time, they’ll be free to spend the day celebrating too, rather than being pulled away from the party for some more group shots.

Just because you’re going for no bridal party, it doesn’t mean you can’t surround yourself with your besties. Get ready with them, party with them, take plenty of photos with them. It’s a lovely idea to invite your crew (however big or small) to get ready with you – it’ll feel like a day-long party. Or perhaps you’d prefer to take some quiet time in the morning and get ready at your own pace – and that’s absolutely fine too!

It’s all about you two newlyweds. Head off to take photos with just the two of you, with no one else to worry about. Celebrate the quiet moments of the day together. Take a moment to be with one another (with just a photographer for company, it’s super romantic). With just the two of you, you’ll have more time to capture those magic moments as a couple. Then head back and join the party! 

If you’re thinking about going for a no bridal party wedding, but you’re just not sure, we’re pretty sure these images from Tyne and Dan’s unforgettable wedding day will convince you. A true, honest, wonderful celebration from start to finish.

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