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A Wild Wellington Wedding on the Waterfront

Blacka nd white photograph of bride and groom on wellington's civi square steps on a stormy day

They say you can’t beat Wellington on a good day. I say: you can’t beat a Wellington wedding on a stormy, dramatic, windswept evening – because it makes for the most epic wedding photos!

Seb and Emily are a dream couple – two gorgeous humans with gorgeous souls. And their friends and family who surrounded them on their dreamy Wellington wedding day were just as wonderful. 

 We do love a cityscape backdrop. Wellington’s architecture is iconic, with its eclectic mix of modern and traditional, and it’s the perfect city for finding hidden spots for photos that are a little bit different. Whatever the weather – there are spots that make the most of blue skies, and there are little hideaways for escaping from torrential rain. (When it gets horrendously wild, Te Papa is an oasis around the corner and makes for some real Wellington shots!) 

 In true Wellington style, the weather threw a little bit of everything our way on Seb and Emily’s wedding day. But these two didn’t let it get in the way of some classic Wellington wedding photos along the waterfront – and by classic Wellington, I mean hair dramatically flying in the wind, sparkling raindrops and moody skies. There’s also nothing quite like the buzz of all the locals wandering past, wishing you the best and admiring how stunning and in love you look! 

Seb and Emily hosted their magnificent day at Dockside. It is a prime location surrounded by a wee bit of everything, from the wild waves thrashing in the harbour, to the old-school boat sheds that line Customhouse Quay. In addition it’s only a short wander from the slightly more sheltered Civic Square.

 The waterfront is home to so many wonderful venues depending on the size of your group. Whether you’re looking for an intimate spot for a small gathering, or somewhere to host your 100+ number one fans. Check out The Ballroom, Shed 6 and The Boatshed to name a few! You’re also in prime position for guest accommodation. So many great options within walking distance, so your guests can wander safely to and from the venue without the hassle of organising transport.

 When a couple is willing to stand in gale force wind and rain, on a chilly evening, at the exposed Wellington waterfront, we fall a little bit in love! They braved the ice cold, insane outdoors to get some twinkling, romantic night shots. Do it for the photos – trust me. 

 Check out the snaps from Seb and Emily’s Wellington wedding, and you’ll be crossing your fingers for a stormy day instead of blue skies.

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