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Why I suggest winter family portrait photography

sun lite photograph of small girl on a winters day family photo shoot

We might technically be just out of winter – but as we all know, Wellington’s wintry weather tends to wander into the last quarter of the year. Here comes the unpredictable rain that we’ve come to expect in September!

Like with winter weddings, people often avoid having family photo sessions around this time of year due to the cold and the weather. However, if you ask me, there are plenty of positives when it comes to winter family portrait sessions. So – make yourself a hot cuppa and snuggle up, while I convince you that a winter family portrait session is the way to go.

The cooler months are a wee bit quieter for photographers – which is great for you! With less weddings booking up weekends, there are far more available time slots. Rather than a 1-2 month wait, you’ll likely be able to book in your winter family portrait session just a week or two in advance.

Us photographers love golden hour – that magical hour before the sun sets where the light is lovely, low and soft with a gold warmth. An earlier sunset around 6pm in these months is great for those younger family members without keeping them up past their bedtime! It also gives such a dreamy glow to your images. A big yes to golden hour in winter family portrait sessions!

With less people outside, your favourite locations are far less likely to be crowded with people. That means no more photobombers in the background, and no awkwardness of a crowd of onlookers! You can fully relax and spend time in your chosen location – it’s amazing how being more relaxed changes your images.

While winter days can be colder, and the days are shorter, Wellington does like to dish up plenty of clear days! There’s something lovely about making the most of a crisp, bright day for a family photoshoot. Wrap up warm and cosy, and spend some time out under the blue Wellington skies.

 For some winter family portrait inspiration check out the photos below and don’t forget you can find out more about my portraiture here and to check out what I am up to head here