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Spring wedding time!

Black and white photograph of a wedding couple in a spring time puddle reflextion

Spring has sprung! September is here, the flowers are blooming, and there’s that crisp feeling in the air. So, without further ado – I’m talking all things magical about hosting a spring wedding here in New Zealand. 

Number one: the days are longer! The shortest winter days are over, and the sun sticks around past 5pm. For you on your wedding day – this means plenty of light for your photo session. No more rushing back inside as the darkness takes over in the late afternoon. You can make the most of those extra hours while still getting that magical golden light at a reasonable hour. 

 Spring weddings also mean plenty of gorgeous, in-season florals! This wonderful season brings with it the best botanicals. Peonies, a classic and romantic wedding flower, are only available for about 6 weeks in spring. Depending on your venue and photo spots, you might also be able to make the most of freshly bloomed florals as your backdrops (hello cherry blossoms!) 

 A hot tip – be prepared that the weather can often be a little bit windier and rainier in the spring months. It never usually sticks around for too long, so don’t be afraid to postpone the start of your ceremony by 10 minutes to allow any rain to pass over. It’s your day – you get to make the calls! 

 If the weather really does throw everything at you, you could always opt for an inside ceremony instead. We had the absolute pleasure of photographing the spring wedding of Logan and Kelsey, and their call to go for an inside ceremony meant no time spent worrying about the weather, and more time with each other. 

 And if it does rain? Make the most of the puddles for photos like Logan and Kelsey did! Just remember to wrap up warm – I’d recommend picking a cosy layer to go over your dress. This means that you’ll keep nice and toasty at any outdoor photo spots, with the added bonus of creating variation in your outfit for the photo session. 

 Put simply – spring weddings get a big yes from me!  Check out Logan and Kelsey’s beautiful day below.

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