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What to wear to a newborn photography session

photograph of a newborn in his mother armes in the mel waite photography studio

Ready to be overloaded with cuteness? We’re diving back into the adorable world of newborn photography! 

A few weeks ago I touched on what parents should wear during a newborn photography session, so I thought I’d elaborate on this today. It’s one of the most common questions I get asked before a shoot, and it’s a good question to ask – you want to be looking your best and prepared for anything! 

I’m sharing my top three tips for choosing your own outfit for a newborn photography portrait session, so you can arrive at your shoot feeling confident, excited and ready to go. 

It’s best for parents, and any siblings, to wear simple, neutral-coloured clothing. That means no busy patterns or screen-printing – because nothing draws attention away from the cutest little subject in the photo like cartoon characters on a t-shirt! Overall, bright colours and overwhelming patterns create a less cohesive feeling in the image, and they can just be plain distracting. Keep it simple and opt for a more subtle colour palette.

I’d recommend that every person featuring in the newborn photography shoot brings a simple, dark coloured top and a simple, light coloured top. That way, you’ll have options for different shots, and you’ll have everyone looking their best! It’s also great to have a backup outfit, as newborn photography sessions can quite often involve some ‘wee’ accidents. 

Just because you’re wearing simple, neutral clothing, it doesn’t mean it needs to be bland! A newborn photography session is also about you and your partner, so make sure you choose something that captures your personality. 

 A great example in Bex’s outfit in the photos below. Bex loves colour – so she opted for a dark top paired with a bright necklace to make it pop! Combine this with her pink hair and you have a look that is iconically Bex, while still having the focus on beautiful TJ. You don’t necessarily need to dye your hair pink for the shoot to create a memorable look (although I’m all for it!) – but feel free to bring along some extra accessories to add a bit of fun to your look.

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