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How to get epic night photography at your wedding

night photograph of bride and groom at thiere wellington wedding day by mel waite photography

One of my favourite parts of a wedding – night photography!

It’s something that Mel Waite Photography has become known for. Sparkling, moody, creative shots taken under the night sky, these images make for the perfect end to the night, and look stunning framed up and showcased on your wall. So today, I’m sharing a few tips and tricks to help ensure you get that epic night wedding photography shoot you’ve been dreaming about (followed by plenty of night photography eye-candy for a little inspiration!). 

Make sure you allow at least 10-15 minutes where your photographer isn’t needed during reception coverage, so they can sneak away and get everything prepared for the night shots. I like to get everything set up while you’re inside enjoying your wedding reception, so you don’t have to stand outside in the cold! We’ll then sneak you out for five minutes to create some epic, dramatic images (and occasionally we’ll enlist the help of your bridal party to assist) – and then you can get back to the dance floor!

When it comes to evening light, there’s kind of dark, and then there’s really dark. While your eyes adjust, the camera sees things a wee bit differently, and the time you choose to shoot can completely change the look of your images. If you choose to have your photos taken when there’s still the tiniest hint of light on the horizon, the skies will come out a beautiful deep blue in the images. If you want velvety black skies with sparkling stars, try to schedule your night wedding photography for as late as possible. 

Sun, cloud, rain – it doesn’t matter! We’ll capture magical images for you. The rain can really add something special to your images, as the raindrops come through as gorgeous and shimmering specks of light. Trust me, whatever the weather, it’ll be worth it. It can get a wee bit chilly when the sun sets, so be sure to bring along a jacket on your way out the door. 

Whether we’re photographing in a lush forest in the Wairarapa, or the industrial area of Fielding, I have yet to fail to find a spot for a night shoot. Some venues and locations lend themselves more easily to night wedding photography however, so if you’re wanting to capture night images, let your photographer know so they can plan ahead of time. All else fails, a nice dark spot, some twinkling fairy lights, and ‘atmosphere in a can’ can work wonders for creating a cinematic setting!

Check some of my favorite night wedding images I have shot below and don’t forget to keep up with the latest from me on Facebook and click here to find out more about my wedding photography.