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The Why, What and How of Business Branding Photography

business braning photograph of woman leaning on a wall in wellington

In between the beautiful, love-filled family photoshoots, the adorable baby photoshoots, and the dreamy and magical wedding days I photograph, you’ll find me working with small businesses and individuals to create personal and business branding images!

Before I started my own photography business, I worked with a commercial photographer – working on product photos, people photos, location photos and everything in between. Now, I use that experience to create great business branding images for clients.

If you’re thinking about getting a set of business branding photos done for your website, social media or marketing materials (or, if you just want to know a wee bit more about what it entails) then grab a cuppa and keep reading…

WHY: Business branding photographs are more than a headshot on a white background.
Sometimes, yes, you really do just need a simple headshot on a white wall for all your clear-cutting needs. However, with a business branding photography session, I offer so much more than just that. I’ll work with a company or individual to find their perfect business style, which helps me to build a collection of images that suits their voice, audience and needs. We’ll capture headshots, staff and team photos, and general business photos that they can use across a wide range of media, to connect with their current and potential audience.

WHAT: So how do you convey all that in an image?
It all starts with a call! We’ll have a chat about who you are and what your business does – this includes how you approach and interact with your clients, as well as going over your current branding (if any). Then, I’ll check out your social media and website to get a good feeling for where your business is at. We’ll discuss the things you do and don’t like about your current material. 

Working with a designer on your branding or website at the same time? Awesome! I like to talk to them where possible, to get a real feel for the brand direction. It also gives me a chance to learn any technical requirements they might have, which saves you time in the long run!

Next – we plan the shoot (or shoots!). Is it going to be 100% studio based, or are you wanting some location photos? You might want a combination of all of the above – maybe some shots onsite at your business, or a beautiful local backdrop. The next question – what style are you into? We’ll chat about whether light and relaxed, or clean-cut and corporate would fit your brand the best. We’ll also discuss ways in which we can incorporate your brand colours into the imagery, to ensure you get a lovely, cohesive image set. Another thing to consider is if there are any specific things or elements you want to include in your images – maybe you’d like certain products in shot, or interactions with specific clients. 

I have a range of set packages that include image amounts – but these are just guides, and I’m always happy to build a custom package depending on your requirements!

HOW: What are the shoots like?
A business branding shoot can take anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours, all depending on what you need. I always suggest you look at booking hair and makeup for before the shoot, to help you feel at your best! My top tip here is to make sure you feel comfortable and like yourself in your makeup and outfit, to keep it real and ensure there’s no disconnect between the images we capture and the real you that your clients will meet.

If we’re shooting at my studio, bring along a few changes of clothes, so we can mix it up during the shoot! If you’re stuck on what to bring, pick clothes that you love and make you feel good. As with family photoshoots, I recommend avoiding bright, busy patterns and screen-printed clothing (unless it’s your own branding!). The clothing and accessory choice is a great opportunity to tie in your brand colours too. If you have a specific uniform or work clothing, bring that along too.

Then, it’s time to start shooting! I like to keep things light and fun. We’ll work through a range of setups and poses, to get a good range of options to use. If your business is heavily client focused with lots of client interaction (like massage or counselling), I will always suggest you bring along someone who can act as a stand-in client for a few images, to best communicate how you work.

AND THEN: What happens after my business branding shoot?
I will work through the images I have taken and select the best of each setup to edit and present to you. Also, if possible, I will show you the images I have taken and get you to indicate what images you are liking to help me with the selection processes. Then – it’s editing time! I’ll crop, balance and color tone the images to help give them a consistent and on-brand feel, and deliver them to you via digital download. I can resize and crop anything to any specifications needed for your website, marketing material and the like. I will always provide you with smaller screen-sized digital files, as well as larger, printable versions. 

There you have it! The why, how and what of business branding photography. As the old saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding,” so keep scrolling to check out some recent business branding photography I’ve done!

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