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Studio Maternity Shoot – What to Expect

studio maternity photography with Mel waite

Want a to do a studio maternity shoot but don’t know where to start? well today I am going to talk about what to expect (with me!) when you’re expecting!

Like most photographers who offer pregnancy and maternity photography, I offer options for both location-based shoots and studio-based maternity shoots – so today, I’m diving into all the best bits of choosing a studio maternity photoshoot.

What the difference between location and studio maternity photography, and which is right for me?
It’s all in the name, really – but each shoot has its own benefits and perks! A maternity studio shoot with me tends to be more structured with more poses and a bit more time setting up each shot. Compare this to a location-based shoot, which tends to be more fluid in style. 

One thing to keep in mind, particularly in Wellington, is (of course) the weather! A big benefit of opting for a studio shoot is that your photoshoot isn’t weather dependent, and we can easily shoot, regardless of rain, shine or gale force winds. It also gives you a bit more privacy – my studio has space to change outfits comfortably, and it’s always cosy and warm. Studio shoots also draw the focus fully onto you and your bump.

That being said, location-based shoots can be pretty magical, especially if you have a special place you’d like to be photographed. Maybe it’s of personal significance, or perhaps it’s just a beautiful spot that you’d always dreamed of being photographed in. If you want the best of both worlds – why not book in a combo shoot, and go for some studio shots, and some out and about in nature!

Should I lock in a date for my Studio Maternity Shoot?
As I’m sure you know – babies have their own schedule, and will arrive when they are ready! I suggest booking your studio maternity shoot when you are around 34-36 weeks – you’ll be far enough along that you look full term, but not so far along that you risk missing out (otherwise we might have to switch your maternity shoot to a newborn shoot!). If you’d rather shoot even sooner than 34 weeks, I can certainly book this in too. 

Where is your studio and what is it like?
My studio was custom built for me in 2013, and is part of my home. It’s located in Aotea, Porirua, which is about a 20 minute drive from Wellington. There is plenty of off street parking and it has lots of privacy – even with the big beautiful windows that let in lots natural light. There’s plenty of space to change and I have a bathroom on hand which can come in hand when you’re pregnant! 

How long will my studio maternity shoot take?
A typical studio maternity shoot with me would take between 60 and 90 minutes – just enough time for you to feel comfortable, relaxed and not rushed, while also enough time for me to capture everything I need.

Do you offer hair styling and make-up for a studio maternity shoot?
While I don’t include hair and make up in my shoot fee, I am more than happy to recommend some amazing hair and make up artists to help you to create the perfect look for your maternity shoot! 

I just want to add here, however – if having your hair and makeup done for the day isn’t really you, or isn’t a priority – don’t feel like you have to have it done! I will use my skill to make sure you look your best and capture your natural beauty with or without professional hair and make-up.

What do I wear to a studio maternity shoot?
While I have a selection maternity outfits in my studio you to wear, I also encourage you to bring a selection of your own clothing – think things that make you feel great and you really love!

That way we can mix and match to create the perfect collection for your maternity studio shoot. I also ask all my maternity clients to bring/wear a nice set of plain black or nude-coloured underwear or a bikini (or both). Many of my studio maternity outfits are sheer, and I am often asked by my maternity clients to capture a few photos just in their underwear or bikini.

Do I bring my partner and children to my studio maternity mhoot?
That is completely up to you! Some of my mums-to-be prefer taking some time out to themselves for the shoot, or sometimes are having the photos taken as a surprise for their partner. Some love having their partner there for the shoot, or want to include thier children in the shoot. It really just depends on the images you want captured, and I’m happy to photograph either!

What I do recommend is that if you do decide to have others involved, we arrange to have them participate for the first half of the shoot, and then sneak away so we can get a few shots of you alone – or they can come in towards the end of the shoot, giving you plenty of time to capture solo images beforehand! That way, you get the best of both worlds, and any little ones don’t get to bored, or distract you from having a great experience.

If you have any questions, concerns or requests, know that you can contact me at any point prior to your maternity photography session! I want you to walk away from your photoshoot feeling relaxed, happy and confident that I’ve captured images you’ll cherish for many years to come!  

As always to check out my latest photos head to my Facebook page and to find out more about my maternity photography go here. And keep scrolling for some images from a maternity shoot I did.