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How to plan a post COVID-19 wedding

photograph of bride and groom with a blue sky and long summer grass behind them used for a blog on plaiining a post covid wedding my mel waite photography

What an absolute rollercoaster of a year we’ve had so far (and, keep in mind, it’s only July. Eek!). COVID-19 has had a surreal impact on every facet of our lives – and weddings were not spared from that effect.

Nicole and John tied the knot the weekend before New Zealand went into COVID-19 lockdown. These two, honestly, are such gorgeous people – and their wedding was certainly a testament to their amazing network of family and friends.

However, in all the months of planning, Pinterest-ing and organising – they certainly never thought they’d be hosting their wedding in such uncertain times. With this in mind, I thought it’d be an appropriate time to break down some key things to remember when planning your post COVID-19 wedding.

 Remember why you’re getting married
There’s no time like the present to truly appreciate your loved ones – and the love of your life. You’re getting through thick and thin. You’re making it through 2020 together. Remember to smile, laugh, talk and connect.

Be understanding we planning your post COVID-19 wedding
Some of your guests might not make it. Whether it’s due to travel restrictions, financial restraints, health issues or anxiety – and that’s okay. Of course you want them there to celebrate with you – but for some, attending a post COVID-19 wedding might just be out of the realm of possibility at the moment.

For those who can’t make your post COVID-19 wedding
If you’ve taken anything away from working through lockdown, it’ll be a real appreciation for the magic of Zoom. Stay connected to those who are isolated overseas – those from afar can still join in the celebrations. Whether you livestream your post COVID-19 wedding, or just make a wee bit of time to say hi to those who couldn’t make it. Clink your glass to the camera for a virtual cheers.

These two, and their incredible crew, seriously blew me away with their beautiful energy (and, also – how beautiful are they?!). Dive into a few moments from their day.

 BTW her amazing dress was created by Helen Forster Bridal:

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